Monday, October 27, 2014

Telethon 2014

Thank you Western Australia!

Telethon smashed its fundraising record in 2014, raising an incredible $25,271,542.

In the 47 years it has been running, Telethon has raised more than $180 million.
My family and I had the pleasure of meeting this year's Telethon stars, Emily and Patrick. Plus, numerous Channel 7 personalities.
Congratulations Telethon for another fabulous year. Enjoy the happy snaps!

Emily and Patrick - Telethon children 2014.

Charlie Clausen - Home and Away.

Katherine Hicks and Paul Moore - Winners & Losers.

Johnny Ruffo - Home and Away.

Sally Obermeder - The Daily Edition.

Philippa Northeast - Home and Away.

Cassie Howarth and Tom Williams - Home and Away &The Daily Edition.

Sally and Tyson - The Amazing Race Australia.

Dana Vulin.

Natalie Barr - Sunrise.

Isabella Giovinazzo - Home and Away.

Teigan Nash - Saturday Disney.

Nathan Morgan - Saturday Disney.

Joe Snell - House Rules.

Jason Heerah - The X Factor - Australia.

Carole and Russell - House Rules.

Matt Little - Home and Away.

Jackson Gallagher - Home and Away.

Chloe and Kelly - My Kitchen Rules.

Sarah Grace - Winners & Losers.

Reigan Derry - The X Factor - Australia.

Sydnee Carter - The X Factor - Australia.

Dr Andrew Rochford - 7 News.

Rob Palmer - Better Homes and Gardens.

Candice Dixon - Saturday Disney.


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